Roofing Contractor in Dayton Ohio

Go2 Contracting is the Dayton roofing contractor of choice for many folks because of our dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience while giving business and homeowners durable roofs they can be proud of. From Dayton roof repairs to full-on roof replacements, we’ve got you covered with high-quality materials and a commitment to excellence on every project we perform.

Your Dayton Roofing Company Service Area

Below you’ll find some of the most common communities outside of the Dayton area in which we work. If you don’t see your community listed below and your place is relatively nearby, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to drive out and give you a free estimate for the work you need done!

  • Centreville
  • Oakwood
  • Spring Borrow
  • Beaver Creek
  • Miami
  • Oxford
  • Camden

Always A Better Roof Guaranteed

Dayton Roof Repairs

Looking for a Dayton roof repair contractor? We’ve got you covered with a variety of services to handle anything you might need. From shingle replacement to hail damage repairs to roof coatings to emergency roof repairs, consider calling us soon to get work scheduled. The longer you wait, the sooner small problems turn into big ones.

Dayton Roofing Systems

We will always, always recommend our Tuff Roof System when people are looking for the maximum quality and protection for their business or home. The Tuff Roof System protects the investment of your new roof by addressing hip and ridge shingles along with ventilation and waterproofing underlayment products. Each of those aspects plays a key role in protecting your home for the long haul.

Roofing Types And Manufacturers

Our most common roofing types are listed below, but keep in mind we can handle pretty much any kind of custom roof installation you have in mind.

  • Wood Shake Roofing
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Stone Coated Steel Roofing
  • Metal Roofing

We have partnerships with multiple manufacturers, each with their own specialty. This ensures our customers get high-quality materials no matter the roof replacement project type.

Residential Roofing In Dayton

We do our best to separate ourselves from other Dayton residential roof contractors by not only being reliable and affordable, but by holding to our unique 48-Hour Pledge. Give us a call and tell us about your residential roofing problem. We are committed to being at your home to diagnose and solve your problem (either permanently or temporarily) in under 48 hours!

Commercial Roofing Contractor In Dayton

Commercial roofs typically last between ten and fifteen years. Oftentimes, property owners can extend the life of their commercial roof by years if they employ a long-term maintenance program. Our maintenance program offers technicians who will assist you in protecting your roof investment. For example:

  • Full-time repair and maintenance crews for commercial repair work
  • Complete re-roofing services for HOAs, Townhome Associations, Apartment complexes and Commercial buildings
  • A complete line of roof inspection and roof survey services

Give us a call if you need commercial roof repair or installation in or around Dayton.

Dayton Storm Damage

If your roof or siding could use some hail or wind damage repair work, just give us a call and we’ll be out to look at the damage as soon as we can. We’ll also help you file your claim with the insurance agency because we know how confusing that whole process can be. Just ask about our Storm Damage Services Booklet when you get in touch with us!

Why Go2 Contracting?

We are passionate about providing the good people of Dayton with excellent roofing services. When you take into account our experience, integrity, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and quality materials used, going with Go2 Contracting as your Dayton roofing company just makes sense. Contact us today.