Thousands of homes across Colorado Springs are in dire need of a roof replacement, but homeowners may put it off for one reason or another. Some may have a high homeowners insurance deductible that has prevented them from getting a new roof, and others simply may not know their roof is in poor condition. In either case, your roof has probably given you a few warning signs that it is time to be replaced.

Check out four of the most common warning signs below, then be sure to call Go2 Contracting at 877-778-7925. We are a Top Rated Local® roofing company in Colorado Springs, and we are happy to inspect your roof and provide you with a free roof replacement estimate.

You Might Need a New Roof If…

Your Roof Is Old

Roofing materials have come a long way in recent years, and many are designed to last for decades. In fact, most asphalt roofs can last between 20 and 30 years. If your roof is quickly approaching that mark, there is a good chance that it is not providing your home with the most effective protection possible. Thanks to the number of wind and hail storms that we get in Colorado, roofs often need to be replaced before they even come close to getting this old, but if you have been lucky enough to avoid needing a roof replacement in the last couple of decades, then it may be time, even if you roof looks okay from the ground.

The Shingles Are Damaged

The shingles on your roof are exposed to a wide variety of poor weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, wind, hail, snow, and ice. All of this repeated exposure throughout the years can cause your shingles to degrade faster than normal. If you see either of the following conditions on your roof, it’s time to call your local roofing company:

  • Cupping or clawing. Over time, the corners of shingles may start to curl upward or downward. This condition indicates the shingle is severely weathered.
  • Cracking. Shingles begin to develop cracks in them after a while, and this is usually the result of wind damage. Widespread cracking is a red flag that you need a new roof.

Shingles Are Missing

While shingles may start warping or cracking after being exposed to the elements, others may come away from the roof completely. Missing one or two shingles might not seem like that big of a deal, but it can be indicative of a serious problem with the decking below and it can result in roof leaks. Shingle nails tend to pop when the plywood sheathing underneath rots and warps. Replacing shingles individually or hiring a reputable contractor to perform roof repairs may be sufficient for a while, but it is only a matter of time before you’ll need a full roof replacement.

Granules Are Falling Off

Have you noticed that there are a lot of small black particles littering your driveway or patio? These hard little specks are actually granules that have come loose from your roof. Not only are they uncomfortable to walk on, but they could indicate your roof is in trouble. It is common for new roofs to lose a fair amount of granules in the first couple of years, but if your roof is older than that and it has started to shed this protective layer, then it may be time for a roof replacement. Granules protect your shingles from the baking sun, and once they come off, the condition of your roof is likely to deteriorate quickly.

Reliable Roof Replacement in Colorado Springs

If you have noticed any of the above conditions on your roof or around your home, then there is a high likelihood that you need a new roof. While it might be tempting to wait until the spring to get your roof inspected, doing so could result in troublesome roof leaks over the winter. Go2 Contracting is your go-to source for affordable roof replacements in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, and we are happy to offer a wide variety of high-performance, long-lasting roofing products to protect your home from untimely water damage. Contact us today to start your roof replacement project and learn how you can get a free upgrade to impact-resistant shingles!