There are many things to be taken care of if you are planning to renovate your home or decorate your new home. You will be selecting many things for your homes excluding the pitch of the roof which will depend on the length, height and width of your home. The architect will decide the pitch while drawing plans for your house.

Choose the Type of Roofing

Once you approve of everything which your architect has drawn for your home, you will have to select the type of roofing material and short list the color of the roofing as well. Discuss the type of roofing that you have chosen for your house with the designer. The architect will also mention about the slope of the roof and variations between the geographical locations, like snow, hail, or extreme dry heat.

Materials used for Roofing

When it comes to asphalt roofing, you have the option of traditional three tabs and some newer architectural styles. The roofing will also be available in slate, metal, tile and sheet. Every type of material used for roofing differs in cost, asphalt being the least expensive of them. Not only do all of these roofing materials differ in price, but they also differ in their durability, i.e. the total time taken before it starts to leak.

Other Materials to Beautify Your Home

You must think about other materials that need to be used in the exterior of your home. If you plan to go with traditional vinyl siding, a standard copper roof will not match it. However, if you use stucco to design the exterior of your home, a splendid ceramic tile will be good.