“Going Green” is a phrase you’ve probably seen and heard a lot recently. Energy conservation is vital not only to the health and preservation of our environment, but also to our budget. Now more than ever, energy conservation is imperative to our society. Having a solar tube installed in your home by a Monument roofing contractor is an inexpensive, energy-efficient, very green way that you can being transforming your Monument home into a green home.

Believe it or not, a sky tube installed in your home or office has the potential to allow up to five times more light into a room than a wall window of the same size. How, you might ask? You are fundamentally bottling the light that streams into the room from the sun. If you live in a sunny environment where the sun shines mostly year round, a solar tube is especially useful. Tubular lighting means less energy needed to heat and light your home and less money to pay your Monument gas and electric companies.

Solar tubes differ from regular skylights in that they collect sunlight into a tube engineered with mirrors that are highly reflective, and then it reflects the light to a diffusing mechanism that can be easily installed in your ceiling. The tubular skylights diffuser is no more obtrusive than a simple lighting fixture. Unlike a lighting fixture, tubular lighting provide light that is completely natural and energy-efficient.

Another advantage of having a installed versus a traditional skylight is that a sky tube will not cause fading of carpets or paint. Skylights sometimes lead to the fading of patches of carpet or parts of furniture where the light directly shines on them. UVB and UVC radiation of the sun is prohibited by the refraction and reflection of the light on the dome on top.

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