The bright side of having to hire a Colorado Springs roofing contractor to replace your roof is that the options are wide open when replacing the old one. No matter the pitch of your roof, you can choose different covering and waterproofing materials than existed before.

Custom homes are being built all the time, with the homeowner deciding on what type of shingles to install. With roof replacement, you get that choice yourself.

One thing to remember is that the better the quality of materials used, the longer they will last. You simply get more with a quality roof system for your Colorado Springs home. Anyone who knows about true value will understand this.

Another thing to remember is that a quality roof system adds value even if you do decide to sell the property. In other words, if you stay in the home the benefit is not replacing the roof as often. If you sell within 20 years, the roof could still have 20 years left which the buyer will find value in.

  • Fiberglass Composite Shingles
  • Metal Roof Systems
  • Composite Metal Shingles
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Composite Tile Shingles
  • Composite Cedar Shake Shingles
  • Composite Slate Shingles

Install Quality Roof Systems = Replace Less Often

It costs more to replace a roof than it does to install a quality roof system in the first place. Standard roof shingles have a limited warranty for 20 years, while quality roofing systems have a limited warranty of 40 years to a lifetime.

The length of warranty doesn’t always mean that’s how long the shingles last, but it does offer a baseline for figuring out how long it should.

The condition of the climate and maintenance play an important role in how long a roof system lasts. But the most important factor is how well the shingles are made and what they are made of, which the warranty length represents.

A Better Quality Roof System = Fewer Roof Repairs

Roof repairs also cost. If a standard shingle is used and high winds come along, you may find yourself replacing a majority of the roof. Whereas your neighbor with a metal roof doesn’t have to repair a thing. All that money you thought you were saving upfront, plus more, could go right down the drain the next time Mother Nature hits Colorado Springs with destructive force.