Organic debris can cause problems if there are seamed gutters installed on a home. If there aren’t any gutters at all, then there are additional problems that will require repair. Anytime there are damages to a home, it’s going to cost money to make the repairs. Some repairs can be extremely expensive, but even a small problem can turn into thousands of dollars if the issue isn’t addressed.

All gutters keep water and snow from damaging a home’s roof and foundation, but seamed gutters don’t do their job as well. Seamless gutters simply work better and last longer. Seamless gutters can indeed help save you money in a variety of ways. Here are 5 reasons from our Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors on why you want to go with seamless gutter installation.

Seamless Gutters Don’t Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced As Often

Gutter systems with seams don’t last as long as seamless gutters. This is because the joints become loose and the seams create weak points along the length of the gutter system.

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are made of one long piece that spans the length of the roof. There are no weak joints that can fall apart. With seamless gutter installation, broken gutters are no longer a problem.

Seamless Gutters Don’t Cause Roof Damage

They can get so full of debris that they completely clog up. Organic debris easily gets caught on the connecting pieces of a seamed gutter system. Once this debris clogs to the extent where it touches your roof materials, the wet mess can rot out the wood and get moisture under the shingles.

Seamless Gutters Don’t Cause Siding Damage

Water leaks at the joints of traditional gutters are a common problem. A downpour of water from the gutter joints will damage the siding on your home. Wood siding is the most vulnerable to this problem, but other siding types are affected as well over time. Siding repairs can get expensive, but you can avoid the repairs with a seamless gutter installation. It’s a simple solution.

Seamless Gutters Help You Avoid Foundation Repairs

Seamless gutters do a better job at routing rainwater away from your home’s foundation. If water pools at the foundation, it can lead to soil erosion underneath. Whether you have a concrete foundation or your home sits on pilings, this is a significant problem that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Seamless Gutters Keep Your Home From Flooding

Not all homes are impervious to flooding. Some have problems when flash-floods hit the area. If enough rain accumulates around your home for any length of time, the ground will have difficulty absorbing it. Flood water can seep into your garage or underneath doors leading into the home. Seamless gutter systems will route the rainwater away from the home no matter how hard or how fast the rain falls.