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Colorado Springs Hail DamageTuff Roof Contractors, LLC provides fast, professional hail damage repair services to homeowners and businesses throughout Colorado. When storms strike your area, your roofing gets soaked by the rain while strong winds can blow or tear away your roofing shingles. Both of these factors can cause damage to your roof; but hail seems to be one of the greatest culprits of roof damage. Hail can beat up your roof and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, the least of which include the need for a roof replacement.


Filing a claim can be a daunting task and at times somewhat confusing. Then you get your paperwork and it’s full of terms you don’t understand and acronyms you can’t decipher. ACV, RCV, Depreciation… It’s like having to learn another language and that alone can cause anyone to wonder if it’s even worth the hassle. Our Storm Damage Services Booklet was designed to help walk you through the claim filing process, understanding your paperwork, and how to choose a contractor (us…of course). Click here to download our free Storm Damage Services Booklet and gain peace of mind.

Why Homeowners Should Choose Us for Hail Damage Repairs

At Tuff Roof Contractors, LLC we have full time roof repair crews available for commercial and residential hail damage repair work, so you can rest assured someone will be able to take care of your storm damaged roof in a quick and efficient manner. We understand that when you have a roofing problem such as dramatic hail damage, you want it fixed - NOW! In order to excel in customer service, Tuff Roof created the 48-Hour Pledge. Once our customers place a call and notify us of their roofing issue, our commitment is to be on-site, find and diagnose the problem and correct the proble.

m – either temporarily or permanently – in less than 48 hours. And that’s a promise! Better customer service equals a better roofing company.

Tuff Roof Contractors, LLC is a professional Colorado Springs roofing contractor that provides quality roof repair services throughout Colorado. Call today to request your free gutter system estimate and consultation. We look forward to serving you at Tuff Roof Contractors, LLC, whether you are looking for gutters in Colorado!

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